The digital signature that certifies your identity, professional status, and organizational affiliation.

The Digital Seal that Keeps your Digital and Paper Documents Secure

CertifiO Code

Trusted timestamp service for time-sensitive documents and emails.


The software that makes digitally signing all your PDF documents easy.

ConsignO Desktop

A digital and trusted electronic signature platform with high-level legal reliability.

ConsignO Cloud

Ensures the reliability of thousands or millions of documents by automating your business processes.

Consigno Server

Easily check signatures, PDF/A compliance, and VDSs (visible digital seals).

Available in mobile, Web or Server version.



Update of Notarius’ PKI certificate policy

A new version of Notarius’ Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate policy is now available at the following link:

This update primarily concerns the integration of a new ICA3 public key infrastructure into CertifiO Code (our visible digital seal solution) and actions related to the issuing of our products “CertifiO for Organizations” and “CertifiO for Departments.”