Notarius API allow a simple and quick integration of our electronic signature and document validation solutions into your applications.

Add value to your applications

Optimize your processes

Increase productivity

Create legal reliable documents with guaranteed longevity

Add value to your applications

Optimize your processes

Increase productivity

Create legal reliable documents with guaranteed longevity

Our Solutions vs. Your Needs​

ConsignO Cloud

  • You want to share documents with one or multiple parties, send and receive email notifications and implement 2nd factor authentication.
  • You’re looking for a solution that allows people to sign directly within your application (embedded signing experience).
  • You need a complete audit trail document listing all events related to your signature project.
  • You’re looking for a cloud-based signature solution.

ConsignO Server

  • You’re looking for a turnkey solution to digitally sign documents with an AATL-compliant certificate delivered to your organization.
  • You want to automate some of ConsignO Desktop functionalities
  • You want to automate the conversion of documents to PDF/A format.
  • You want to automate the signing preparatory steps (defining the zone, applying a template), so that an individual can quickly add their digital signature.
  • You need support for PDF, CMS Envelopped (.p7m) or CMS Detached (.p7s) signature formats.
  • You want to keep your documents within your domain and not transfer them over the cloud for signing.

VerifiO Server

  • You want to automate the verification of digital signatures and PDF/A compliance for your documents.
  • You want to complete this validation within your domain and not transfer files over the cloud

Hosted HSM

  • You own and master signature creation but need an AATL-compliant Organization digital certificate hosted on our HSM to sign the data hash needed for the signature.

CertifiO Manager

  • You want to bridge a web-based application with the end user digital signature to seamlessly integrate digital signature capabilities.

CertifiO Timestamp

  • You want to create and apply a trusted timestamp to time-sensitive PDF documents and data.
  • You want to certify the date and time of signing.

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