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How to obtain an image of my Seal and/or my handwritten signature ?

What you should know

A Signature Appearance is a visual representation of what will appear on your document when you stamp it or sign it with a visual signature. It is usually an image of your written signature or your seal, but it can be any image you want to display when signing a document. The Signature Appearance becomes the visible part of a visible signature.


How to obtain an image of my Seal and/or my handwritten signature ?

Notarius is not entitled to provide an image of your seal and/or handwritten signature in ConsignO Desktop : Your professional order is the only authority tant can issue a seal to its members. When you are in possession of it, you will be able to download it directly into ConsignO Desktop and then apply it to your PDF documents.

ConsignO Desktop allows you to scan your written signature, scan an image of your seal, the company logo, or use any image you want to appear on the documents. To learn more on how to upload your images in ConsignO Desktop, please visit the following help page : Click here.


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