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Identity verification: what do you need to prepare?

You’re a Quebec notary? Follow the process on your identity verification form instead.

1) Prepare TWO pieces of ID

They must be issued by a recognized governmental entity and valid (please note that only the physical and original IDs will be accepted).

The primary ID must include first(s) and last(s) name, birth date, picture and signature.

The secondary ID must contain, at a minimum, first(s) and last(s) name.


The name on the pieces of ID must match the application (see the comparison rules). The accepted IDs are:

Canada USA Other  

Primary ID

  • Driver’s licence
  • Passport
  • Medicare card
  • Citizenship card
  • Permanent residency card

Secondary ID

  • Any additional primary ID
  • Social insurance card
  • Governmental birth certificate
  • Nexus card
  • Car Registration (related to your name)
  • Alberta Healthcare Card (with first and last name fully spelled out)
  • Other Governmental Licenses (ex: fishing license, firearms permit)
  • Employee card issued by a federal or provincial authority (excluding Crown corporations and state-owned enterprises, as well as cities and municipalities)

Notarius reserves the right to perform subsequent checks before issuing a digital signature certificate. If you do not have the necessary pieces of ID, please contact customer service.

2) Have a pen and blank sheet of paper ready

You will need it during the identity verification

3) Test the readability of the pieces of ID using your camera
(use a smartphone when possible)

Your identity verification is performed face-to-face with one of our agent, using the videoconferencing service with end-to-end encryption. Please ensure that your pieces of ID are clearly readable during the test with Zoom.

  • Smartphone: relaunch the test meeting after installing the App.
  • Windows or OS X: click on “download and run Zoom”

Launch Zoom and
test your camera

Your pieces of ID are not clearly legible?
Your organization does not allow Zoom?
You don’t have access to a camera or smartphone?

Note: this test does not check your Internet speed. Please make sure to use a high-speed connection during your identity verification session.

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