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CertifiO Code

Trusted timestamp service for time-sensitive documents and emails.


The software that makes digitally signing all your PDF documents easy.

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A digital and trusted electronic signature platform with high-level legal reliability.

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Ensures the reliability of thousands or millions of documents by automating your business processes.

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Easily check signatures, PDF/A compliance, and VDSs (visible digital seals).

Available in mobile, Web or Server version.



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Merging documents

What you should know

You can merge several signed and/or unsigned documents into a single PDF (or PDF/A) document, which can then be authenticated with your digital signature. When merging signed documents, remember that the digital signatures originally present on the documents are deleted; only the Signature appearances remain in the merged document. It is necessary to authenticate the newly merged document. In other words, all signers of the original document must digitally sign the newly merged document to authenticate it.

Note that it is possible to merge only one document to remove its digital signature while keeping the Signature appearance intact. It is also possible to merge documents without signing the result by cancelling the last signature step. ConsignO will then invite you to save the unsigned document.

To merge documents

  1. Select your documents the same way as in batch signing.
  2. Start merging your documents. You can either:
    1. If you selected the files from ConsignO, right-click and select Merge Documents or click File > Merge Documents from the main window menu.
    2. If you selected the files from your desktop, right-click and select Send to > ConsignO -9. Merge…
  3. From the Merge documents window:
    1. (Optional) Change the documents order by using the arrows.
    2. Check Convert merged document with the following PDF/A format if you want to convert your file.
    3. Select which PDF/A format from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Finish.

You will be warned about signature zone conflicts if there are any.

  1. In the Save as dialogue window, choose the merged document’s name and folder location.
  2. Click Save.

You now have a new merged document ready to be signed.  

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