The digital signature that certifies your identity, professional status, and organizational affiliation.

The Digital Seal that Keeps your Digital and Paper Documents Secure

CertifiO Code

Trusted timestamp service for time-sensitive documents and emails.


The software that makes digitally signing all your PDF documents easy.

ConsignO Desktop

A digital and trusted electronic signature platform with high-level legal reliability.

ConsignO Cloud

Ensures the reliability of thousands or millions of documents by automating your business processes.

Consigno Server

Easily check signatures, PDF/A compliance, and VDSs (visible digital seals).

Available in mobile, Web or Server version.



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Visible vs invisible signature

Applying a digital signature adds metadata on a document without modifying its content (thus without impacting its integrity). This is how multiple signatures can be applied to a document while preserving the document’s integrity.

A visible signature includes a metadata that holds a visible marker (signature appearance) when viewing the document, showing that it has been signed.

An invisible signature omits this visible marker.

Both types of signature ensure the integrity of the document. The digital certificate information can be seen with both types when validating a signature. A visible signature, however, can appear on physically printed documents (this can be useful if printed copies of documents are also used or archived).

You can choose to use visible or invisible signatures according to your company policy.

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