Terms of use and conditions of purchase for ConsignO Cloud

Print the terms of use and conditions of purchase. Version française.


  1. Subscription The subscription is payable according to the conditions described in section 10 and starts when the application is accepted. The digital signature subscription is terminated:
  2. Certification Authority Notarius acts as a Certification Authority (CA). As such, it is the entity responsible for certificates and the whole of the public key infrastructure (PKI).
  3. Customer A customer is an individual who subscribes to Notarius’ digital signature product.
  4. Identity Verification A digital signature requires an in-person identity verification. As such, some personal information is required to identify you.
  5. Professional Association A professional group that is a legal entity in its own right, whose main mandate is to protect the public, and to which members of a given profession are affiliated. This group benefits from governmental prerogatives such as regulatory jurisdiction and disciplinary power.
  6. “My Account” Section A section of Notarius’ website where users can subscribe to the digital signature service, make online payments or direct bill an account, and that contains certain features enabling them to manage their digital signature’s life cycle.
  7. Digital Signature The digital signature is comprised of a private signature key, a public verification key, and a certificate. The certificate includes a set of information that is signed by the Certification Authority for the purpose of authenticating the customer’s identity. For the sake of brevity, the terms “certificate” and “digital signature certificate” are used herein as synonyms for “digital signature”.

By signing up for a digital signature, as a Customer, I agree to:

  1. Legal Conditions Use the digital signature in accordance with applicable laws and for the purposes for which it was issued; moreover, to respect all obligations stemming from the Certification Policy, the terms of use and conditions of purchase described herein, and all other instructions provided to me during my digital signature application.
  2. Fees Pay the sign-up and subscription fees in accordance with the applicable methods. Failing which, I understand that Notarius, my professional association, or my employer, has the right to terminate my subscription, which will ultimately result in my digital signature being revoked.
  3. Password and Data Confidentiality Not disclose or grant access to any person any information, file, or device (USB key or other medium) specific to the use of my digital signature, including my .epf file, password, activation codes, and answers to my security questions that I use for authentication purposes. Moreover, I must protect my computer and any other device that contains my digital signature from unauthorized access.
  4. Publication I authorize Notarius to publish the following information in my digital signature certificate: my first name(s) and last name(s), my member ID when applicable, and as the case may be, my email address, exactly as I entered them when I signed up or when I last modified them, as the case may be.
  5. Identity Verification I authorize Notarius, for this sole purpose and as long as needed, to retain and store all evidences of my identity verification, including a copy of my IDs, my portrait and the audio / video recording of my identity verification session with the agent, in accordance to Notarius’ Certification Policies and Personal information protection policy.
  6. Expired or Revoked Digital Signature Not use my digital signature if it is expired or revoked, and to destroy all digital signature applications and .epf files. In such case where my private key is stored on a device, I must ensure to erase it from the device prior to using it for another purpose.
  7. Licences Use applications provided with the digital signature (CertifiO Suite) in accordance with their respective usage licenses.
  8. Use Use the digital signature in a secure manner, more specifically by closing the Entrust® application session before leaving my computer.
  9. Disclosure Notify Notarius as soon as possible if I suspect that my digital signature has been compromised. I may also recover or revoke my own digital signature via the “My Account” section of Notarius’ website if I suspect it has been compromised.
  10. Changes to Contact Information Notify Notarius as soon as possible of any changes to my contact information by updating it via the “My Account” section of Notarius’ website.
  11. Conditions of Purchase
  12. General Provisions

Print the terms of use and conditions of purchase. Version française.