CertifiO Cloud is a web-based signing room for trusted electronic and digital signatures with advanced legal reliability, for both internal and external signatories.

CertifiO Cloud

The trusted digital signature that certifies your professional status.

For Professionals

The trusted digital signature that certifies your affiliation with your organization.

The software that makes digitally signing all your PDF documents easy.

ConsignO Desktop

Ensures the reliability of thousands or millions of documents by automating your business processes.

Consigno Server Automation

Automatically checks the reliability of documents received (origin, integrity and authenticity) and their PDF/A compliance.

Verifio Server Automation


ConsignO Desktop enables you to efficiently sign your PDF documents.




ConsignO Desktop is included with any CertifiO subscription.

Increase your productivity

ConsignO Desktop is specifically designed to digitally sign PDF documents with ease and speed, one at a time or several at once. To save time, you can also apply models to your documents and use stamps. To ramp up even faster, ConsignO Desktop includes a signature appearance wizard so you can import an image of your handwritten signature, your initials and, if needed, your professional seal.

Your documents are secure and reliable

Sign your PDF documents to ensure their integrity and security and to detect any unauthorized alterations. When used with CertifiO, ConsignO provides the tools you need to make sure a document is reliable:

  • Your certified identity with your professional status and your link to your organization;
  • The proof necessary to show that the document is authentic such as the time stamp and proof of the validity of the signature.

The PDF/A standard increases longevity and long-term reliability

Converting your document to the PDF/A standard to make sure it will be readable for decades while its integrity is validated with its signatures. ConsignO maintains the conformity to PDF/A even after the signature.

Do you need to integrate digital signatures within your automated business processes?


The key features in ConsignO Desktop are also available for ConsignO Server, which has all the features for your systems to digitally sign automatically produced PDF documents. You can also apply signature templates and convert them to PDF/A format.

Training and support

Attend one of our free webinars, or visit our help section that overflows with additional information and resources. Short tutorial videos for ConsignO desktop are also available to speed up your productivity.

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