The digital signature that certifies your identity, professional status, and organizational affiliation.

The Digital Seal that Keeps your Digital and Paper Documents Secure

CertifiO Code

Trusted timestamp service for time-sensitive documents and emails.


The software that makes digitally signing all your PDF documents easy.

ConsignO Desktop

A digital and trusted electronic signature platform with high-level legal reliability.

ConsignO Cloud

Ensures the reliability of thousands or millions of documents by automating your business processes.

Consigno Server

Easily check signatures, PDF/A compliance, and VDSs (visible digital seals).

Available in mobile, Web or Server version.


VerifiO Server

Verify signatures, VDS, document’s reliability
as well as PDF/A compliance.


Long term reliability


Verify the authenticity and longevity of receive documents

  • Enables your applications and systems to validate the signers’ identity integrity as well as document’s integrity and authenticity upon receipt, helping to identify issues early in the process.
  • Validates longevity of the document by validating compliance of the PDF/A format and compliance with long-term validation (PAdES level 4).

Quick and easy integration

We have developed unique expertise so you do not have to!

  • Integrated solution to validate the reliability of your documents, as soon as they are received or several decades after their signature.
  • Does not require any digital signature expertise (ITU X.509) or PDF (ISO 32000), PDF / A (ISO-19005), PAdES (ISO-32000 and ETSI TS 102 778), CEV (AFNOR Z42-105) standards, etc.
  • Native Java or WebService interface.

Offered in 3 options

  • Local: Validates PDF/A compliance, digital signatures, and Long-Term Validation (LTV) using the evidence included in the document (PAdES).
  • Premium: Validates PDF/A compliance, digital signatures, and Long-Term Validation (LTV) using evidence included in the document or on our servers for added security, such as retroactive digital signature revocation detection..
  • CEV: validates the VDS in accordance with the AFNOR Z42-105 standard and the requirements of the Otentik network.