Test #1 : Installation

If CertifiO Manager is not installed, a popup showing directives should appear. If status below is Not Running and nothing is happening right now, test has failed.

Test Result: Not Running

Test #2 : List available certificates

This test will list all the available certificates in the Windows Certificate Store.

Click List Certificates button below and check test result.

Test Result: Not Done

If result is success and the list is empty, this means there are no certificates configured on your computer. Log in to Entrust ESP using a valid EPF file and refresh the page. This is mandatory for Test #3.

Test #3 : Signature

This test uses the certificate selected above to sign arbitrary data.

Choose a certificate in list above and click Sign. Entrust ESP should appear and ask for password.

Test Result: Not Done

Test #4 : Reboot

After a reboot, CertifiO Manager should automatically start itself.

Reboot your computer and come back on this page. The Test #1 : Installation should be successfull without any installation.